larry_app_logo-icon-blueOn-the-go Smart Wireless Security Alert

LarryAlert functionality 



Do you always have your fingers crossed leaving your bike or surfboard unattended? Wish you could announce “stay there, I’m right around the corner!” ? Need to leave your service/repair truck full of construction equipment parked in the street? Maybe you simply tire of getting up every time to check why the dog is barking?

Finally a solution! larry was created to go with you and watch your stuff while your back is turned.



introducing LarryAlert

wireless alarm system  .  radar  .  e-sensor  .   internet of things   


What is it?

larry is an ‘on-the-go’
electronic alert device connected
to your smartphone



What does it do?

larry will sound an alarm 
and show you what is happening 
so you can respond



How does it work?

larry creates a protective
shield using special 
ranged radar technology