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It is with dedication and pride that we form our team of qualified and trustworthy consultants and associate firms from Ventura CA, San Diego CA, Southern Oregon, Shenzen China and Bangkok Thailand. Together we research and test cutting edge technologies creating solutions for tiresome problems that before innovation had overshadowed our good times and peace of mind. As a generation of on-the-go globe trotters and adventure enthusiasts we understand and deliver to you more GO-time replacing dreaded fix & fret-time. All our products are built with rugged use and ease of operation in mind, because when you are happy we are happy! Let’s face it, we enjoy what we do and we do it well!

As we prepare for the future, in addition to maintaining a strong globally diversified team, we will continue to invest in our products while opportunistically seeking the right acquisitions and capital market transactions at the right values. Building an interesting consumer branded platform, managing a sucessful business, while remaining flexible and responsive to the competitive landscape, positions Consider This! Technology Inc. for abundant potential value creation. There is much work to be done, with an equal amount of pride to be enjoyed. Please follow us on social media, as a participant in the rapidly expanding era ‘Internet of Things’, we will be announcing, educating, and learning right along with you. Thank you for visiting Consider This! Website.


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